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English Language Acquisition Program for English Language Learners (ELL)

The Multilingual & Multicultural Center offers support for students whose home language is other than English. Language minority students who are assessed as needing support in English are directed to a school with age- and grade-appropriate level instruction to prepare them for success in general education classrooms. For grades K-5, those schools are East End Community School, Hall Elementary, Ocean Avenue Elementary, Presumpscot Elementary, Reiche Elementary, and Riverton Elementary; for grades 6-8, the schools are King Middle, Lincoln Middle and Moore Middle; and for grades 9-12 the schools are Portland High, Deering High, and Casco Bay High. Below is a list of our ELL educators.

Portland Public Schools’ English Language Acquisition program provides instruction in English at the appropriate level of a learner’s proficiency by state-certified, ESL-endorsed teachers. Although the tasks may vary, they all contain the following characteristics: content-focused (teaching English through social studies, science, math, etc.) meaning-centered (as opposed to meaningless repetition), constructive (i.e., students learn by doing), integrated (practice using any combination of listening, speaking, reading, and writing), interactive (i.e., learning with others), and cognitively demanding (i.e., challenging enough to ensure growth in language complexity).

Program Staff in Portland Schools

East End Elementary
Tambria Alexander, ESOL Teacher
Susan Andersen, ESOL Teacher
Amy Gookin, ESOL Teacher
Marcia Salem, ESOL Teacher
Roberto Keith, Ed Tech
Bulina Ahmed, Ed Tech
Hana Tallan, Ed Tech
Sophal Volent, Ed Tech

Hall Elementary
Annette Mager, ESOL Teacher
Cynthia Taylor, ESOL Teacher
Veasna Kem, Ed Tech

Longfellow Elementary
Catherine O'Connor, ESOL Teacher

Lyseth Elementary
Mary Linneman, ESOL Teacher
Linda Stimpson, ESOL Teacher
Grecia Caraballo, Ed Tech
Veronica Diez, Ed Tech
Pedro Zamarro, Ed Tech

Ocean Avenue Elementary
Melissa Frans, ESOL Teacher
Nancy Hess, ESOL Teacher
Kirsten Burke, ESOL Teacher
Catherine O'Connor, ESOL Teacher

Presumpscot Elementary
Kailen Kennedy, ESOL Teacher
Theresa Lee, ESOL Teacher
Meredith Doyle, ESOL Teacher

Reiche Elementary
Fiona Hopper, ESOL Teacher
Laurie Onos, ESOL Teacher
Sarah Martin, ESOL Teacher
Deborah Ingraham-Lora, ESOL Teacher
Aweis Abdalla, Ed Tech
Esther Bark, Ed Tech
Mary Otto, Ed Tech

Riverton Elementary
Kim Elliot, ESOL Teacher
Stacey O'Donoghue, ESOL Teacher
Suzanne Chevalier, ESOL Teacher
Kristen Reburn, ESOL Teacher
Meredith Doyle, ESOL Teacher
Simone Bodlovick, Ed Tech
Ibrahim Hassan, Ed Tech
Muoi Nguyen, Ed Tech

King Middle School
Regina DiBella, ESOL Teacher
Kirsten McWilliams, ESOL Teacher
Joel Peck, ESOL Teacher
Nicole Myers, ESOL Teacher

Lincoln Middle School
Jennifer Dorval, ESOL Teacher
Jane Armstrong, ESOL Teacher
Robyn Bailey, ESOL Teacher
Mohamud Mohamed, Ed Tech

Lyman Moore Middle School
Robert Hartman, ESOL Teacher
Antonia Winter, ESOL Teacher
Redemptus Malyata, ESOL Teacher
Sarah Manyiel, Ed Tech

Casco Bay High School
Suzanne Dodson, ESOL Teacher
Mallory Haar, ESOL Teacher
Alison Perkins, ESOL Teacher

Deering High School
Heidi Cameron, ESOL Teacher
Molly Callaghan, ESOL Teacher
Elizabeth Cockrell, ESOL Teacher
Jen Lunt, ESOL Teacher
Wendy Toole, ESOL Teacher
David Moisan, ESOL Teacher
Martha White, ESOL Teacher

Portland High School
Rohan Henry, ESOL Teacher
Andres Llorente, ESOL Teacher
Ann Murray, ESOL Teacher
Thomas Talarico, ESOL Teacher
Julie Wise, ESOL Teacher
Khadar Ibrihim, Ed Tech

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